Robot Needs Oil - I Had to Run EP 12"



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By starting a second ten of it's releases Spaghetti Monster family grows bigger and bigger. So here is another family member - Robot Needs Oil coming out with a blast EP gonna blow up the dance floors this summer definitely. 
We start with a truly bomb pretending on a main track of this summer with a punchy bass and crazy outstanding percussions rolled up with pitchy vocals and detuned keys. Followed up with a Jump Around the Sound the party goes on and taking u to a classy house «discoship killah» track with a groovy bass and bright kick. Get ready for a 3 minutes non stop stomping with your feet. Neverwet is a classy deep house track with electric keys and pitched down vocals broken claps and massive percussion. A nice choice for a mix or the last track in set in gonna be chosen by tons of deep lovers.
The final but not the least is Role Reversal a really meat machine with a destructive kick and crazy keys making a crowd insane, checked on a dance floors by a Spaghetti Monster family artists.