Spaceanddisco - Spaceman EP 12"



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After a first explosive success release Spaghetti Monster doesn't wanna stop and presents U a ticket to a Deep Space journey with Russian dj & producer Spaceanddisco. His Original mix opens the EP and take U to a 9 min space adventure with lots of intergalactic percussions, deep bases and hypnotic vocals. A real hypnotic bomb for a tech music lovers. The space diving continues with a groovy and dope remix from a Visionquest residents and cool German duo - Square Room Heroes.
With it's heavy bass line and brightest drops this remix won' leave U sitting on a couch after a just 30 sec of listening. And the third one remix is a work of Monster's friend from UK - Casual Affair. This duo brings a very interesting version with blend of nice old school synths and detailed percussion bringing vibes not to make this journey to an end so fast. Follow the monster!