[SPM014] V i v i d - Intertwined EP

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As you know as a label we prefer a full artists 2-3 tracks EPs as well and this time it's not the exception. We have a 14th release on a Spaghetti Monster recordings and representing our new resident - Pakistan based deep house and techno producer V I V I D. With his first debut at Spaghetti Monster V I V I D brings a 5 tracks EP to deliver your the atmosphere of deep internal sound and leave no chances to stand still. We start with a classy deep house tune A Mostly Elsewhere Life to dive deep from a very beginning. This hypnotic tuned melody turns on our label resident Slow Crime to create a fully percussion destroying retouch and it continued the journey on a waves of classic deep sound witch is so rarely can be heard this days. The main EP track Intertwined sounds more than epic and have a fantastic drama with chorus vocal samples and groovy base. U can check this track in a Kosmas remix who attracts the listeners with his chicago styled housy tune and a sexy electric bass. The EP closes the darkest side of V I V I D moods, a deep grooved techy sound with interesting keys interweaving will make everyone moving on floor. 

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