[SPM010] Ivan Latyshev - My "M" My "S" EP

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 It took a lot of time, pain and patience to bring to bring a new label Spaghetti Monster to a level of well recognizable for it's music and artworks. The Spaghetti Monster team is glad to announce a 10th label release coming from Ivan Latyshev , a brilliant Russian professional musician and a piano player who became a label resident since last month when he appeared with a nice remix on one of previous Eps. His EP consist of a 4 bright and self finished tracks which look very harmonic but outstanding simultaneously . EP starts with My M My S track. Colored with a Monoplay voice and collaboration it turned in a classy melodic deep and vox track and is very nice to start the set with. The extended play continue with a Give Me Love bomb - groovy and super foxy house track like a colorful kaleidoscope of sounds. "No time for regrets" is tribal colored and groovy tech house track to be liked by a producers with a thin smooth taste. Nehundredandninthizm is ode to a one of most famous synthesizers in a world containing the sounds of it spicy beats and bright percussion line. Get the full package in a one EP , U will definitely play it not once . Monster POWER!

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