[SPM007] Boronas - Meditation EP

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Spaghetti Monster is excited to present the new release of the own. This time the half of ex Square Room Heroes who conquered Visionquest and some other bright techno labels present it new EP called Meditation as Boronas. This Greek guy is really crazy in his ideas and a track Meditation starts to improve that from its first seconds driving dancefloor into Nirvana. The track goes with two remixes from Ecuador massed techno guys. First by Chris C. and Rogg flows into the depth of the mind with its fantastic melody and groove. The second remix presented by Andre Salmon grooves with techno percussions and factory-like sounds making good noise for a crowd. The EP contains one more original track from an author named Save me and it is a techy tech track in a classy tech manner with perfect main melody in a heart, the track goes with a real German monster, URSL resident and a mentor of several modern artists Jakob Seidensticker who shows the quality in the making and sound effecting, the remix is very dramatic and impulsive. So sit up relax or get into the crowd and dance till the morning light with Spaghetti Monster

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