Release dates:
May 6 - Beatport 2 weeks Exclusive download
May 20 - Rest of the stores

Gatara is back on Spaghetti Monster imprint with a new single Driving Solo. The pack contains 2 original deep and melodic tracks by London based producer. Driving Solo is a head tune bringing 3 coolest remixes besides the original. This time U can find edits by Slow Crime who delivers grooving Autopilot remix with lots of percussions and acid synths; a remix by Volksfreude is once again a deep synth overdosed cymbal rushed tune with a nice groove and authentic harmony; a 3d remix is done by a label newcomer Chromewell and is more dramatic techno action with a rising synths and melodic asymethrics. Robot Carnaval comes as a bonus original track on a package by Gatara and can be a very nice opening track for both small club gig and a huge ballroom dj set. By delivering eclecticism in every package Spaghetti Monster keeps its ego as a label without genre but full of quality music


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