Release dates
Beatport 2 weeks excl. - 30.11.18
Rest stores - 14.12.18

Bringing up deep connections in his music and sound design and textured vibes a Brazilian producer Gabriel Comyn leave his footprint on Spaghetti Monster Recordings with his new project Gatara and his Nova EP. This time Spaghetti Monster with his Seal friend drives down to an open Space with new spaceship called Nova. An EP contains three gravy and melodic tracks. It starts with a header track called Nova which is typically sounds like a perfect mix of techno and melodic arpedgirated synthetic groove with some space harmonics and percussions. Then Monster's spaceship goes down to a meteoritic rain and swims in outta space between the asteroids with a great soundtrack Waiting for which synths makes you move lazy on a dance floor getting your hands up high for a early sunlight. The journey comes to a perfect landing with a Morning Rush track starts to play and it gets a note of tech and eclectic melody groove delivering the energy to tired crowd on a floor and leaving a print of Gatara's deep vibes

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