[SPM024] Slow Crime - Interstellar 

Presale 10.11.18
Beatport Exclusive 24.11.17
Other stores 8.12.17

Being out for making beats in studio Slow Crime is finally got back with a full EP called Interstellar and including Original outta space track with some cool remixes packed like a soup in a tube for Spaceman and ready to burn the dance floors this autumn because this tube is on a high pressure from within. First comes an Original having no something in common with Nolan’s masterpiece but space atmosphere and deep intergalactic bass with cuts of spacemen communication. First remake is been delivered by London based producer Leigh Morgan who cocked something groovy and analogue warm to let us dive deeply in a silky house waves with a dynamic percussion, filter hi-hats, and blaster synths. Next comes Nici Frida Remix. A German producer from Frankfurt prefered some more minimalistic and deeply space-like sound with melodic breaks and internity keys. A perfect version for a long space trip for conquering some neighbour galaxies. An acid flavoured journey is what a partly German descent Volksfreude wants from his first getting out of the spaceship. A melodic synths with some sneaky techno groves with pitched hats and jumping toms dramatise the dance floor and put some imprint of Spaghetti Monster firm connection of groove and melody

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