[SPM022] Slow Crime - Mistake EP

Catalogue number: SPM022
Format Digital Release

Release date:Release date:
Beatport Exclusive - 12.06.17
Other stores - 26.06.17
Russian underground label Spaghetti Monster whispers carefully that Slow Crime is back from sitting in studio to his native walls with a freshly squeezed 4 track EP including 2 original tracks and two remixes. As usually Slow Crime throws a consistent eclecticism in sound of groovy and percussive moods with some noised vocals perfectly fitted both for the midnight or early morning lights. As a remixers this time you can meet a Spaghetti Monster hero - Lêao already pushed his tunes on a vinyl only compilations for Spaghetti Monster Ltd. and a new face for a label but a well known producer for the rest of the world , an Israel based underground trooper Lonya. Both brings killer remixes to an EP successfully dramatise the dance floor with a killer groove and melodic substances. Already supported by: Danny Tenaglia, Richie Hawtin, Nick Warren, Kiki, Stas Drive, praveen Achary etc.

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