[SPM021] QOSVO - Black Flowers EP

Catalogue number: SPM021
Format Digital Release

Release date:
30.05.17 - Beatport excl. 2 weeks 
13.06.17 - Apple Music, Juno, Traxsource and others

In the name of analogue sound Qosvo is back to Spaghetti Monster with his new EP called Black Flowers. The EP contains 3 original tracks and one remix from Slow Crime. It starts with a melodic and rythmique track 100 seconds to truly pretend to be a opener hit or a morning squeezer bringing first sunlight to dance floor. A main composition Black Flowers delivers Qosvo type of analogue sound being a percussive overdose with analogue synths additions. Last one track Lens is a more dark consiquence of sounds and melodies converted to a house percussive remix be label resident Slow Crime , his remix closes EP and shift gear of endorphine.

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